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Vantheara 2 days

Traveller 5839 8 days

Vichet 9 days


Traveller 64034 13 days

Traveller 64034 13 days

CT 17 days

Abbie 17 days

The bus was 30 mins later than the actual departure time, and with the traffics during holiday, we were terribly late to catch the ferry. The bus ride itself is not too bad

Traveller 78774 19 days

auguy 20 days

This is my worse experience, I have no seat in the minibus but I've paid for that and they put me in a big bus and it takes more than 9h to go to Siem Reap. And I haven't got any place for the return to Phnom Penh on sunday at 11h am but I've paid for

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