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Traveller 68485 31 minutes

Traveller 14858 about 2 hours

Vivian Chaizemartin 2 days

Mickey Mouse 3 days

កៅអ៊ីឡាន ផ្អៀង ពិបាកអង្គុយ

Traveller 20684 4 days

Traveller 20684 4 days

Michael William Downs 4 days

about twenty minutes from Siem Reap the bus broke down. We waited for45 minutes in the bus with no aircon and were offered no water. We were then taken to a gas station to wait for another 45 minutes. We arrived an hour and 15 minutes late in Phnom Penh.

Driver 7 days

Took a bit long to travel to final destination

Nich 8 days

Naushad Imtiaz 14 days

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