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Where are we going? 13 days

They decided to randomly stop at a different port on the island first and didn't explain that. Not cool, had a bus to catch.

They are deceit 13 days

The booking says 30 minutes to Koh Rong Sanloem but it took 2.5 hours. Not only did we wait 45 in the hot sun for 2 more passengers that were late, but then we stopped at 4 others ports on Koh Rong first. They were very deceitful in the information.

Ar M 17 days

Will choose this company over the others due to high-end ferries and fast service. Completely satisfied.

Karen B 17 days

GTVC was our second choice due to no toilet and free water but we have to book them due to the closest drop-off location. It turned out they have the newest ferries which are smaller, faster, and fewer drop-offs, less crowded. Highly recommended!

John Deidrick about 1 month

GTVC Speedboat was very efficient and ran on time. I would be happy to use them again.

Tom 2 months


Robert Hughes 5 months

Still the best quality boats and most reliable service. Bus shuttle from pier to carpark. Good job.

Traveller 125844 about 1 year

Traveller 125844 about 1 year

Traveller 116482 about 1 year

Staff let everyone on the boat and don't really see what time they departure. Some customer bought the ticket to departure at 11:45 and couldn't get on the boat because some 3:00pm also can get on the boat. លក់សំបុត្រមិនមើលចំនួនមនុស្ស។

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