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Mar 12 days

DanielAU 16 days

Comfy airconditioned area to wait prior to boarding, no toilets but there is a shared toilet block over near the water which is kept very clean. The boat left on time, arrived very quickly and was comfortable for the short ride.

Apple Banaag 3 months

The boat leaves on time and I'm glad that first stop is at Long Set Beach where our Resort is located just 2 mins away. Thanks GTVC!

Anon 3 months

Windy day but ferry crossing was fine. Helpful staff and comfortable boat. Arrived on time.

Wallace 4 months

Great efficient service 4 months

Great efficient service and extremely punctual

R 5 months

The staff was professional, helpful, and quick! If you buy tickets from bookmebus, they asked you to go to their office to check in first even if you already have the qr code. On the way back, the boat arrived right on time, but was really packed.

0 5 months

Milko Orecchia 5 months

0 5 months

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