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Lee 6 days

Sim 15 days

I didn't travel

Good overall. 16 days

Perhaps provide some water and improved wait facilities.

Yuhei Shibata 16 days

Hi why you didn’t pick me up yesterday at 11:30 Change to 12:00 at Kep I catch cab to Kompot then I take ride Kim Seng Express Please back money to me

Peter about 1 month

BUs was older and not same standard as previous trips. had 17 seat v 14 seats. booking online had 14 seat. for me was insufficient legroom/ Previously I would recommend this company to friends, I can not recommend to others based on this trip

Socheath Tann about 2 months

PP- kompot

Phenghun Cheat about 2 months

I'm happy with my Trip to Kampot. This is my 3rd experience with Ekareach. Customer supports are friendly and helpful. Drivers take care of customer by driving carefully.

Abbie 2 months

Bus is new and pretty empty. The ride is smooth, air-con works well. Overall is good!

Abbie 2 months

The bus we got on the aircon is not working, then it took some time for us to change to another bus. The ride was smooth, only in the beginning was a bit uncomfortable. Overall it's alright and will take this bus again!

Bob 2 months

1h late

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