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Socheath Tann 15 days

PP- kompot

Phenghun Cheat 16 days

I'm happy with my Trip to Kampot. This is my 3rd experience with Ekareach. Customer supports are friendly and helpful. Drivers take care of customer by driving carefully.

Abbie 17 days

Bus is new and pretty empty. The ride is smooth, air-con works well. Overall is good!

Abbie 17 days

The bus we got on the aircon is not working, then it took some time for us to change to another bus. The ride was smooth, only in the beginning was a bit uncomfortable. Overall it's alright and will take this bus again!

Bob 19 days

1h late

Traveller 130795 20 days

Luca 27 days

New bus, clean, left on time and arrived on time.

Luca 30 days

Left 40 minutes late because bus had engine problems the driver could not fix. Got moved to another van: worn down, the main door could not open from inside because handle was missing. Did some turns to pick up people in pp.arrived at destination 1.5 late

Jenn about 1 month

The bus stopped a lot to pick up another Passenger on the roads. The bus also wasn’t cold and it smelled. The overall experience was not comfortable for me

Traveller 52949 2 months

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