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Traveller 18261 2 months

Ryota61 11 months

Traveller 125445 12 months


Traveller 14203 over 1 year


Traveller 14203 over 1 year

David almost 2 years

Dizzy journey that turned out well. The stuff doesn’t really help or give information about the stops or duration, for example.

Traveller 94385 almost 2 years

Difficult, because problems with online Ticket... Thats why we missed the Ferry at 9.00, we have to wait 2h! This ferry leaved 11.20, but on the way, the engine has Problems, we had to return and to take another ferry and change the luggage ourselves!

Huynh Giang almost 2 years

We had bad experience when the boat was late 50' minutes and they drove small boat instead of big one as describe. Consequently, there was not enough seat for all passengers, then they forced us to stand in whole trip

Karsten almost 2 years

Not acceptable in any way. Overcrowded boat. Will never recommend this company. When we initially booked the boat, we chose the pick-up option. Although pickup was confirmed by email, the company didn't pick us up!! Totally unaccaptable!!

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