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Tam Doan 6 months

Despite many not-good reviews on Buva Sea, we had a great trip. We arrived at the Sihanoukville port late, and the ferry departed; however, they arranged for us for the next ferry without any costs. Thank you again.

De Ville Swanevelder 7 months

Everything was really good. From booking online to the actual ride back and forth. The only thing that bothered me was that the ticket you emailed me only showed the first leg of my return ticket. This caused confusion on my way back.

Traveller 184047 7 months

The ferry left 20 minutes late.

Tamara 7 months

I have never been so terrified in my life. The fast speed of the boat over the waves caused the boat to crash down so hard on the water sending me flying 10-20cm up off my seat and landing VERY HARD, very limited places to hold on - and the gas smell OMG

Fleur Groot 7 months

All went smoothly, the only thing that should possibly be made clearer is that the guy at the booking office told us that if booking on bookmebus it should be done a day in advance (which is in the t&c's). But maybe a small message would also help :)

Cindy 9 months

Traveller 240138 9 months

Tim 10 months

The air was standing. No wind. Unbelievable hot inside the ferry. I was grateful when we reached our destination.

Imre Torok 10 months


Good choice! 10 months

On time, safe, friendly and helpfull staff. We definitely recommend this.

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