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Traveller 133700 7 minutes

0 about 20 hours

Jasmin about 20 hours

Everything worked well and on time, and per our wish we got dropped off before the final stop close to our destination. Thank you :)

Guest KH about 21 hours

Horrible driver, drove too fast and stoped without telling any information to passengers.

Blacher Hélène 1 day

Perfect !

ML 2 days

When the driver stops at different places ( the bread shop or the van is broken), he didn't tell us clearly. We waited for another van to pick us up. It took 2 hours. He didn't advise us to eat first. He didn't stop again for a meal until arrival at 4pm.

Wrong drop off address and 2,5hours late 3 days

We were supposed to arrive at 4pm at a specific address given by bookmebus. There were actually 3 drop off that took us forever and nothing to do with the one indicated by bookmebus (had to take a taxi to go to the hotel) we arrived around 6:30pm

0 4 days

Traveller 218759 4 days

We where quite early at pick up point. We got the offer to take a bus earlier. Great service. SHV to PP in 3h. Well done.

Traveller 207864 4 days

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