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Traveller 103638 3 months

Gillian Gordon 4 months

The whole experience was good except for the 20 min stop at some restaurant that over charges for a meal .They should choose another venue.

Gillian Gordon 4 months

Great safe drive.

Marina 4 months

I was going in PP on Saturday (24.07) at 5:00 PM. Everything was fine except IT WAS VERY COLD in a cabin so please fix the problem next time. I got cold after the ride.

NaNa 5 months

Driver drive very smooth and safe.

Soheng Nhov 5 months

Car stop where we ate food at Stung Sen restaurant was terrible it is too expensive and test is unacceptable .

Phallideth Phen 5 months

Mark Rutherford 5 months

A good trip

Hana Bahc 5 months

I always use this bus company when I go to Siem Reap. The driver was very kind and well skilled. And they served water as well.

Traveller 143924 5 months

ឡានស្អាត ថ្មី កន្លែងអង្គុយស្រួល តៃកុងរស់រាយ

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