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Traveller 36247 10 months

Easy ride for a long trip about 2 years

My trip from Phnom Penh to Banlung was pretty good. Only came slightly late, and the driver dropped us all off at locations. The driver drove fast but not scary, so I was happy with it. The route is smooth too.

ChaTan2944 about 2 years

Good service

Traveller 118034 about 2 years

Traveller 118034 about 2 years

Peter Bachner about 2 years

The driver was very good. the seats are too small, and interior seats are dirty and too old. THE SEATBELTS ARE BROKEN! Safety should be a priority for public transport and no one has fixed or replaced the seat belts. Very lazy of Heng Sokkhoeun Transport.

Chanpiseth Tan about 2 years

Rado about 2 years

Hi I want to get refund because i didn’t get service. I can’t contact driver and it late my trip so i change to ride with other car.

Traveller 126601 about 2 years

Mike Corral about 2 years

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