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Traveller 175466 18 days

អ្នកបើកបរគួរកាត់បន្ថយការនិយាយទូរស័ព្ទពេលកំពុងបើកបើរ Divers usually phone during driving...

Him 3 months

The driver is friendly. But the parents siting behind me we’re too loud giving no care that there are other participants who want to take a rest. They talked the whole time from Mondolkiri till Phnom Penh.

Traveller 61073 over 1 year

Visal over 1 year

Dina Mao almost 2 years

Traveller 113850 about 2 years

គាត់យកចង្កូូត ចាប់ប្រាំង និងបន្ថែមល្បឿន ធ្វេីអោយងាយពុលឡាន ពីខ្ញុំជិះឡានផ្សេងមិនដែលពុលសោះ លេីកនេះយ៉ាងដំណំ

Marge about 2 years

The driver always overtakes. Nearly got into accident.

Nicole over 2 years

The bus left on time and arrived a half-hour after schedule. Frequent stops. Seats not very comfortable (don't recline). Water bottle given at departure.

shir over 2 years

after order our tickets at the tourist price the lady at the ticket office wanted to change us a sit to the back of the van. we sensed that so we went quickly to take our place and when she started arguing with us we insisted! and at the end she gave up.

Chaly over 2 years

Bus left 90 minutes late.

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