Traveler reviews for LONG PHUONG CAMBODIA

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Good about 10 hours

Fay Gabelli about 16 hours

Marty 8 days

Punctual. Clean by asian standards. They made sure everyone had the correct travel documents before we left. Crossing the border was quick and efficient.

Charmaigne 10 days

Great trip despite the negative reviews. Love the bus! Comfy seats.

Traveller 225272 14 days

Antonio 18 days

The bus driver returning to HCMC drives impatiently and talks on the phone while driving.

Mike 18 days

Very, very good, Thank you!

Mike 18 days

Very good company, everything worked out - super employees. Thanks to all

Ken 25 days

Will take this bus again for sure!

Martin Bonhomme 25 days

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