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Scottro about 1 month

I was not able to make the trip.

Bad experience about 1 month

We arrived at Ho Chi Minh 4 hours late. They don’t care about you. No blankets.

vathana 2 months

not great. just choose other company

Do yourself a favor - take the train 3 months

Bus was 2hrs late, very old bus and there was dirt falling from the ceiling on me, very gross.

Traveller 268682 3 months

Total disaster 3 months

First they told us to be at the Bus Station have an Hour before departure. Then they picked up every guest at his Hotel , who booked directory over Champa.This tooks an half hour before we leave Kampot. The bus was very old and broke down during the Trip.

Anthony 3 months

The staff was very kind but almost 3h late ! 15$ but we don't take the highway !

Andréa 3 months

We took Champa from Sihanouville to Phnom Penh 6pm30 to 9pm30. But we arrived at 12am15 so 2h45 of delay ! We didn't take the highway so we can't do 3h like it was announced, 3h announced was a liar therefore ? Tickets were 15$ per person, such a shame

Sotiarakhy Khon 3 months

The bus expect to arrive Phnom Penh around 9:30PM, but last night I arrive at 1AM. The driver stop many time to get the people and stuffs. This is my first time to get this bus and I won’t take it again any more.

Four hours of delay 4 months

The pick up time was fine, just a few minutes of delay. We changed 3 x the van / bus. Last sleeping bus was great for long travel. No instructions from bus driver on breaks / time or stops we made along the way.

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