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Traveller 149057 19 days

Angela Merkel 20 days

yuki 24 days

Thomas 24 days

yuki 25 days

Anne 30 days

Positive points: good driver, clean van Negative side: bus left 30 minutes late (no explanation) and then got delayed another 20 minutes. Including the drop offs, we were 1 hour late at destination for a 3-hour trip. Why do a break every hour?

T Furr about 1 month

Left over 30 minutes late. Stopped constantly at the side of the road for no real reason.

Not a Happy Customer about 1 month

First, there is no depot in KEP; not even a sign. Bus is always late. And, most annoying.there were three air-con leaks in the ceiling with water dripping down on customers There was no inspector that I could see Bus TO KEP/OK...but return NOT

David Lobstein about 1 month

Hello, This company is full of scammers made us pay 2x time ticket bus because they have order a tuk tuk driver with 40min late, hence we were not able to catch the bus.

yu about 1 month

This bus was cancelled because of bus broken. I found the calling histories but I can't call back because it was strange number. Could you please leave the short messages; "ask to call back" if we can not answer when you call us?

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