Bus from Phnom Penh to Steung Treng

Phnom Penh to Steung Treng Bus Information

Bus arrives in Steung Treng
Bus departs from Phnom Penh
Approx. Distance 403 km

Stung Treng Travel Guide

More popular as the outpost from Laos to/from Cambodia, Stung Treng is often overlooked as a pit stop by many tourists. Despite its lack of appeal for its rather stagnant activities, this small, sleepy town has slowly developed itself as a quick, offbeat destination in Cambodia.

Things to do in Stung Treng

While Stung Treng is an important trade hub between the Lao and the Khmer, this town seems to be just another pitstop for travelers as they traverse to their original destinations. Despite this, the sleepy town has a lot of untapped touristic potential if only they could explore it a bit.

Interesting activities such as kayaking out to a pod of dolphins is definitely a big attraction. Khone Falls is also nearby, where you can witness the falls' beautiful cascades and rapids. You can also take a trip to the Mekong and go on a quick tour in the area.

From Stung Treng, you can head to the north and reach Lao. Ratanakiri is located at the eastern side of the town, while Preah Vihear is located to the west. Go to the south and you’ll reach Kratie and Kompong Thom.

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Currently, there is no trip available from Phnom Penh to Steung Treng